The Southend

As an experienced public servant, Rachel works to drive investment to our community, including getting our state roads paved, widened or redesigned, and finding solutions to traffic and frequent accidents. By investing in infrastructure and safety we can create a more businesses friendly environment for our local businesses and new ones too!


Crime and gun-related deaths are in the rise in Louisville. Rachel is fighting for our police officers to receive living wages and the supports they need to protect and service with the community's confidence. Rachel sponsored HB 73 in the 2023 Legislative Session to give local municipalities the option to utilize automated traffic enforcement and give our officers more tools for public safety.

First responders

We put these workers on the frontlines of public health and safety every single day. We must ensure proper funding, salaries, and benefits for this hazardous work.


From skilled trade workers to public school teachers to first responders it is vital that we ensure quality healthcare and retirement/pensions to help with recruitment, retention, and quality of life for themselves, their families, and the broader community because of their work. Rachel fought against attacks on labor unions including HB 568 removing the Louisville Public Defenders Office and moving them to the larger state system and SB 7 the anti-teacher bill prohibiting union dues from being automatically deducted from their payroll system making it harder on our working families. She will continue to fight against policies that make it harder for workers to organize and collectively bargain.


Rachel will work to ensure that family members and caregivers are able to rest at night knowing their loved ones are well supported in their daily lives. She will look closer at income caps and funding for personal care assistants that fund support of basic needs, person-centered care, quality of life, and how differently-abled individuals are able to participate in community.


Rachel works across the aisle and levels of government to see our roadway projects funded and implemented. During the 2024 budget session, Rachel will fight for your needs in the Southend!