Labor Unions

From skilled trade workers to public school teachers to first responders it is vital that we ensure quality healthcare and retirement/pensions to help with recruitment, retention, and quality of life for themselves, their families, and the broader community because of their work. Rachel will fight against policies that make it harder for workers to organize and collectively bargain.

Women's & LGBTQ Rights

Ensuring reproductive choice and gender-affirming healthcare for all Kentuckians. Being able to make decisions about one's body is fundamental to freedom. Rachel will fight for better, more affordable healthcare that is inclusive.


Rachel will work to ensure that family members and caregivers are able to rest at night knowing their loved ones are well supported in their daily lives. She will look closer at income caps and funding for personal care assistants that fund support of basic needs, person-centered care, quality of life, and how differently-abled individuals are able to participate in community.

Bridging Connections for South Louisville

As a lifelong Southender and experienced public servant, Rachel believes in bridging connections to drive investment to our community and help neighbors brand themselves including designing solutions for safer streets and inspiring unique sense of place. By investing in infrastructure and community assets, we can foster more businesses in our neighborhoods and infill vacant spaces.